New decade, new changes - JACKIE MAGUIRE
January 03, 2020

New decade, new changes

As Jackie Maguire is featured in British Vogue this month, Jackie talks about the new decade new changes and the huge shift in fashion sustainability and new wave of more considered, ethical fashion for 2020 and beyond.

”January is the new September. September has traditionally been fashion’s reset season. The time of the year when everything new happened on the runway. That was before social media and influencers - and most crucially, as I see it, before the now well publicised, urgent need to look after our planet.

The time has come for fashion to slow down. It’s part of our Jackie Maguire brand values, the considered fashion ethic. The process of pausing and being thoughtful in everything we do - it’s in our DNA. That is why I was excited and honoured to be invited by British Vogue to feature in their February issue in a piece that showcases our new Shawl Collar Coat in navy. Talking to me about why they chose the Jackie Maguire collection, the Vogue team said they felt, ‘Jackie Maguire would make a really unique addition to Vogue.’

It’s a true honour. Vogue has a long tradition of championing brands they believe have a unique identity and strong design signature. So, to be in this iconic fashion magazine and welcomed into it’s prestigious fold is a true mark of the luxury, quality and timeless elegance of the Jackie Maguire collection. But what’s vital to me is that magazines like Vogue, not just in Britain, but internationally too, are now championing considered fashion, fashion like ours, with clothes cut from natural fibres and made with time, patience, care and attention to detail to create luxury investment pieces to be cherished. 

It’s encouraging to hear that the Jackie Maguire considered, sustainable ethos is spreading far and wide. The cover of the January issue of British Vogue said, ‘Buy better, buy less,’ with the entire edition creating, in the words of Edward Enninful, the editor-in-chief of British Vogue, ‘a thoughtful template for what a more sustainable notion of luxury can look like.’ And, for me, those words have never rung truer.

Because a New Year hails new beginnings. Not only for styles and trends but, crucially, I believe, right now as we walk into a new decade, for creating collections that look after our land. Fashion in the New Year now signifies a fresh wave of considered purchases, a time going forward where we are buying  only the clothes we really love, pieces which feel more unique and individual, thought-out and designed well. 

When I’m creating a new collection, I sketch pieces that resonate with a vintage silhouette and detailing - think Chanel, Dior, 1960’s silhouettes and a touch of 70’s retro in the finishing details. There’s no doubt, designers today must work in a more sustainable manner, more considered, kinder to the environment. And that’s what Jackie Maguire stands for, each piece telling a story. Because woven into that story is sustainability, a story of protecting our planet. And we all have a part to play.” 

Warmest Wishes, Jackie x 

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